English Roots provides a comprehensive range of family history services designed to meet your needs. Free estimates are provided offering alternative approaches. Research can be carried out anywhere in England and Wales, and advice given on all sources of family history research. 

The family history research services provided by English Roots include:-

  • Advising on the best approach to family history research in England and Wales.

  • Carrying out searches in civil registration, census, parish registers, military records and other archives.

  • Researching and preparing illustrated family histories and family trees. These make ideal presents for birthdays and anniversaries.

  • Wills & probate research

  • Tracing living relatives.

  • Training to carry out genealogy research for individuals or groups.

  • Advice to visitors to the UK so that they can make the best use of their time.

  • Organising family reunions.

  • Local history research.

  • Location photography.

English Roots has dealt with a wide range of enquiries for clients in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France and Germany as well as in the UK. These include searching for living relatives in England and Wales for people whose ancestors emigrated. Successful results have been achieved for an English customer finding her mother in Australia, and also for Australian and American customers seeking UK relatives. Researching and writing family history books is a speciality.

Tailored research

English Roots will customise family history research to meet your needs. Genealogy research can be charged by the hour (£20 an hour) or designed to match a budget that you set. Free estimates will always be provided and advice given on the best way forward for you. Alternatively you may prefer to have a family history book (see below). 

Family History Books

DELUXE (£475)

  • A family history book with details about the family back into the eighteenth century and often earlier.

  • Initial research is on the Internet using censuses; birth, marriage and death certificates etc. Searches are made of appropriate newspapers for mentions of the family.

  • Visit to the place(s) where the family lived to carry out further research in parish registers, local studies unit of the library, and to take photographs of places where the family lived.

  • Family photos of people can be included in the book.

  • Printed family tree.

  • Books are usually over 50 pages long.

There are examples of books on the Case Histories page.


  • A book about the family back to the late eighteenth century or early
    nineteenth century.

  • Internet research as for the Deluxe Book but there would be no visit and research where the family lived.

  • Research is carried out on the Internet into the places where the family lived and their occupations.

  • Photographs provided by the family can be included.

  • Printed family tree.

  • Books are usually over 25 pages long.


  • The research would take the family back to the early nineteenth century.

  • Internet research using censuses; birth, marriage and death
    certificates etc. leading to the preparation of a printed
    family tree.

Family histories will be set in the context of the times that your ancestors lived in locally and in the wider world. They are intended to give a good understanding of their way of life and the sort of people that they were. Biographies can be provided for key people in your family when sufficient information is available at no additional charge.

Photographs will be provided of places and buildings connected with your family. Information and photographs that you have can also be added.

UK Visitor assistance

Advice can be given on planning your visit to the UK so that you can make the best use of your time. 


Training and Advice

Advice and training can be provided in carrying out family history research for groups or for individuals.

If you wish to obtain a free estimate or seek other advice from English Roots please e-mail